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A few Hairy Beasts that have been made beautiful.

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Hand stripping

Wirehaired Specialist

I specialise in hand stripping wire coated coated breeds. This includes Border Terriers, Wire Fox Terriers, Welsh Terriers, Dachshunds, German Wire Haired Pointers, Spinones, Schnauzers, West Highland White Terriers and Scottish Terriers. Hand Stripping keeps the coats natural colour and texture.


Clipping and Scissoring

Your pets individual style

Whether you want a breed standard, hand scissored style or and all off, easy to manage clip your pooch will be cared for as an individual. Each dog will have a deep cleaning hydrobath with a shampoo specially selected for their needs. They are carefully dried and groomed out so their coat is ready for their final trim.


Bath & Groom

The long and the short of it

All dogs can benefit from being groomed. Everything from a Labrador shedding its spring coat to a full coated Tibetan Terrier having their monthly maintenance groom.

01409 404550 or 07553 853740

30 The Square, Holsworthy EX22 6AN Opposite Holsworthy Pets!

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